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Distortia 146 2022


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A park board for all ladies 

The Distortia is exactly the right snowboard for all ladies who feel most comfortable in the park. Kickers and rails/boxes can be dismantled in the same way. This is ensured by a lot of pop and stability in harmonious interaction with flexibility and manoeuvrability.

Riding style
The Distortia is a snowboard for all park ladies. Soft enough for smooth jibs, but also stable enough for fat jumps.

There is only one suitable shape in the park and it is called Twin. And of course the Distortia has a Twin 3BT™ with symmetrical tip and tail. This shape offers balance and stability no matter how you jump or land. SideKick™ tips increase edge lift at the widest points of the nose and tail for even easier turn initiation and less tangling and snagging.

Twin 3BT™ offers a relatively wide centrebase and only subtle edge lift. This provides more control during presses or fast approaches. The medium camber is perfectly proportioned for flexibility on rails and enough pop for kicker lines.

The soft-medium flex (4/10) is also optimally designed for park riding. Relaxed jibbing and kicker riding with a relatively soft but stable board.

The Light Core made of poplar wood and paulownia lies between 2 layers of biaxial fibreglass. This makes the board extremely stable and gives it fast manoeuvrability. 
This allows for great press and pop characteristics and fast manoeuvrability. The Central Super Tube Woodcore Upgrade has a centrally placed carbon tube on the underside of the core that provides more pop without stiffening the board. Additional carbon stringers give the board even more pop, provide more precise edge control and smooth damping. The extruded Super Slick X base is extremely durable, fast and requires almost no maintenance.


  • Twin 3BT™ + SideKick™ Tips
  • True Twin
  • Medium Camber
  • Light Core
  • Extruded Super Slick X base
  • Bi Ax laminate
  • Carbon reinforcements
  • Central Super Tube

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